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How important is hygiene really?

Hygiene is a funny word, a word that can come with some negative connotations and instantly makes me think of an unkept, smelly, burly man with yellow teeth, long finger nails and greasy hair.

In reality though hygiene is very important to most people and always has been. God forbid if you were labelled smelly or dirty in school, or even in adulthood for that matter. Although in adulthood those type of thoughts are usually kept politely (and rightly so) in one’s head and not shouted across the playground with no remorse.

Since Covid the emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene has become even more significant. I don’t think I am the only one whose hands have never been cleaner or winces every time they need to touch a door handle.

A quick Google search echoes these thoughts with 2 key themes. Hygiene for your health and hygiene for attracting a partner, both I think we can agree are very important. There are countless articles highlighting a lack of hygiene as a major turn off for a potential love interest.

Health covers a range of topics and at Clean Man Club we believe cleanliness and hygiene are important factors in your self-care. Getting your morning routine right and starting the day feeling and looking your best reverberates throughout the rest of your life.

The daily products you use support this and at Clean Man Club we have taken the time to research, test and offer only the finest male hygiene, grooming and self-care products from responsible suppliers based in the UK and beyond. Learn more about our ranges at and discover how you can level-up your morning routine!

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