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How important is that time in the shower?

With your eyes closed tight, you’ve just hit snooze for the 2nd time. Your bed feels like heaven on earth, it’s freezing outside and your daily to-do-list starts running through your mind. Time to get up? Or maybe just one more snooze…

As you pry yourself outside of bed, feet touching the cold floor, still half asleep and the sound of tweeting birds echoing, you see your shower. Ahhhhh your shower, a place to come-alive and ready yourself for the day ahead!

In a latest “Shower Habits Survey” it was revealed that 75% of UK adults prefer showers to baths and 40% of Brits are showering for leisure, either for relaxing or escaping reality. It seems that the younger you are, the longer you spend in the shower, with 18-34-year olds spending on average 10m 26s compared to over 55's spending a measly 5m 46s.

At Clean Man Club we don’t discriminate between showers or baths but we do know what it takes to maximise them. Our aim is to support you in keeping clean and fresh and ready to face the day with confidence. We have you covered from head to toe, from our famous Clean Man Club Soaps to a full selection of partner brands, all sourced from responsible suppliers.

Hair care, face care and body care - there’s something for you. to see what’s on offer.

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