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Is lockdown affecting my skin?

Is lockdown affecting my skin?

Day light hours disappearing, temperatures plummeting, weather conditions worsening and to top it all off a seemingly unending series of lockdowns and restrictions will force many of us inside for the upcoming coming months. As we bed in for what looks like a bleak winter filled with Zoom meetings, Netflix binges and a lack of sunlight and exercise many of us look to take extra measures to ensure our well-being and self-care.

The current climate and restrictions will unfortunately cause many to suffer from lack of Vitamin D. The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ helps skin from aging and plays an integral role in skin protection and rejuvenation. To combat the impact on skin, dermatologists recommend a simple moisturising and face care routine.

It is important not to skip moisturising to keep the skin protected and hydrated. Most dermatologists encourage keeping their patient’s skin continually moisturised to ensure the skin remains in a healthy condition and safeguard against any damage.

A simple face scrub or face wash can be of great benefit as the exfoliation effect helps to remove grime and dirt, encourages rejuvenation of skin cells and reduces acne breakouts.

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