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Soap, the underdog story

Just like Liverpool in Istanbul, Ali vs Frazer or Niki Lauder’s resurgence from the flames - soap is making a comeback.

The humble bar of soap has been traced back to the city of Babylon 2800 BC and is now enjoying a moment of effervescent resurgence. As the world turns plastic free, soap makes a convincing alternative to typical single use plastic body washes, boasting a carbon footprint decrease of up-to 25%.

The sentiment of tradition mixed with modern buyer responsibility has seen soap bar sales rise faster than both liquid soaps and shower products in 2020. Following decades of decline this growth has caused a ripple of new luxurious and eco-friendly soap options to explore. Hopefully, this is one bubble that will not burst!

Standards are rising and at Clean Man Club our hand-crafted soaps fit this mould. Our range of soaps are tailored for men with styles such as Dead Sea Mud, Exfoliating Olive Oil, Seaweed and Chocolate. Each soap has a range of benefits and are vegan as well as SLS, paraben and cruelty free.

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