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We’re not animals, so why are we groomed?




  1. The practice of brushing and cleaning the coat of a horse, dog, or other animal.

Beauty, glamour and wellness are just a few wholesome nouns describing the art of self-care…but generally for women. Meanwhile men have a singular word to label the care in our appearance; grooming. The same word that describes the cleaning of a horse or a dog - how charming!

The phrase ‘male grooming’ is out dated and not representative of what it means to men to care about their appearance and their self. Grooming now takes on many forms and encompasses a range of self-care practices to keep men feeling and looking their best!

Self-care is the idea at the heart of Clean Man Club. We champion men to look after themselves and to take care of their wellbeing. Take the time to look after you and you will prosper, focus on the relationship with yourself and your relationships with others will grow, take a moment for yourself and indulge.

Our partner brands and Clean Man products have all been sourced from small, independent and responsible providers. All have the same mission in mind; support men in their self-care goals, offer the best value and provide the highest quality. Discover our ranges of face, body and hair care and take that moment for yourself.

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